Our Mission:

JackPine Consulting partners with organizations working for social change to increase their effectiveness and communicate impact to important stakeholders.

Our vision is to provide vital expertise and support to organizations across the United States who are increasing equity and justice in the communities they serve.

We partner with organizations from all sectors whose work addresses health, environmental, racial, and economic disparities.

JackPine Consulting’s work is defined by:


We develop relationships with organizations, community members, and stakeholders that are grounded in trust and respect. We offer support to social changemakers so they can do their work as effectively as possible. Additionally, we work with talented business partners to bring our clients the best experience and expertise.


Our services follow ethical evaluation standards set forth by the American Evaluation Association and we support AEA’s Statement on Cultural Competence. The methodologies we use are both rigorous and based on best practices.


We believe to be truly transformative and address issues of equity and justice, evaluation and research should involve community members at all levels of the research process. JackPine Consulting uses and supports Community-Based Participatory Research Principles as a best practice in our work.


We bring energy and enthusiasm to all we do, and strongly believe folks who are doing the important work of social change benefit from the support we provide. For organizations with reporting requirements, we can lesson the burden for you and hopefully make the process insightful and fun!

Elizabeth Scott, President

Elizabeth is passionate about advancing equity. For over ten years she has offered her skills as a professional evaluator with both expertise and humility to organizations and groups doing the important, complex work of social change.

Elizabeth received her BA in Social Work and Women’s Studies from St. Olaf College and holds both an MPH in Maternal and Child Health and an MSW in Community Organizing and Advocacy from the University of Minnesota. Her background allows her to engage competently with stakeholders from diverse communities, as well as bring strong research skills to her work.

Elizabeth currently serves on the board of Headwaters Foundation for Justice and is co-clerk of the Equity and Justice committee at Friends School of Minnesota.

Elizabeth lives, loves and plays with her family in South Minneapolis.

Elizabeth Scott